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Locally Stored Academic Publications

  • Nitrogen Balances for Households in the mid-hills of Nepal. (Pilbeam et al 2000)
  • Soil fertility management in the mid-hills of Nepal: Practices and perceptions.( Pilbeam et al 2005)
  • Response of wheat-rive and maize/millet systems to fertilizer and manure applications in the mid-hills of Nepal. (Serchan et al 1999)

Governmental Documents

  • Locally Stored Documents
  • Publications available as downloads from other web sites

Non-Governmental Documents

  • Locally Stored Documents
    • To support the development of standards for compost by investigating the benefits and efficacy of compost use in different applications (Waste Recycling and Action Plan STA0015 2004)
    • A Global Data Eco-System for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN 2016)
  • Publications available as downloads from other web sites

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Books and Journal Publications

  • Methods and Applications in Soil Science (Rowell)
  • Mineral Nutrition of Higher Plants (Marschner)