Amrit Dhara Agro Organic Solutions (ADAOS )


Established in 2019 by brothers Narendra and Sanjay Kunwar, ADAOS’s sits between the Phulbari Hotel resort and the APF training grounds in Galeshwor, Pokhara. Covering approximately 100 Ropani (5 hectares) of land in the valley of the Khahare river, a tributary of the Seti Gandaki the site is mainly composed of rough grazing with approximately 1 hectare prepared for vegetable production. Dissected by the river that meanders its way south to the Seti Gandaki the site is similarly a natural wildlife haven.

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Staff and Management Structure

Run by Narendra Kunwar the enterprise has a management committee composed of a president, Lalit Kunwar, and the principal shareholders; Dhurba Kunwar, Ganesh Bhandari, Maya KC and Rekha Kunwar. Currently ADAOS employs one full time worker and several occasional part time employees. It is envisaged that as projects progress more staff will become necessary.

Narendra Kunwar ( Managing Director & Founder) and Manoj. Both are full time employees of ADAOS


The principle mission of ADAOS is to preserve and improve the native Nepali cattle breed within an integrated farming enterprise and demonstration site. ADAOS is also working on the cultivation of herbal plants (i.e.Moringa, stinging nettle, Stevia). To this ends ADAOS intends to utilize all the bovine products, in particular the manure for the manufacture of compost and vermicompost. This will then be used to produce organic fertilizers and potting media formulas for both nursery and field production of horticultural plants. With the establishment of wild and cultivated flowers and herbs the site will also become home to apiary and honey production which will be further enhanced through the establishment of woodland and fruit tree cultivation.

Our Current Work With ADAOS

Potting media and Nursery production

Once the worms have been moved from their current beds to the new ones any existing worm casts will be harvested and utilized in the manufacture of potting media. This media will then be used in the production of nursery plants (indefinitely postponed)

Future Projects

Once the first phase operations (forage, compost and nursery projects) are established the second phase operations will begin. These will concentrate on enhancing the habitat for native flora and fauna, in particular birds, bees and butterflies. This will be followed by the construction of an interpretation centre using bamboo, and low impact building materials. Finally attention will be turned to cleaning up the river.

  • Habitat Creation (Cancelled)
  • Interpretation Centre (Cancelled)
  • Riparian and Tributary Management of the Khahara Khola, a tributary of the Seti Ghandaki River (Cancelled)

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  • Malcolm McEwen

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  1. ADAOS has been blessed to have Malcolm on leading the compost making and other soil improvement programs at ADAOS. The knowledge which Malcolm is having is what Nepal is lacking in current agriculture practices. If both can be clubbed together we can revolutionize the agricultural economy of Nepal. This is a small step which ADAOS is taking with due help of Malcolm. Rest can be felt during the visit of the ADAOS farm.


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