Dinesh Panday

Scientist, Soil Fertility & Nutrient Management


Ph.D. in Soil and Water Sciences: University of Nebraska-Lincoln Nebraska, NE, United States

M.S. in Environmental Science: Lincoln University, MO, United States

B.S. in Agriculture: Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science, Tribhuvan University, Nepal


Peer-reviewed articles

Panday, D., Mikha, M.M., Collins, H.P., Jin, V.L., Kaiser, M., Malakar, A., Cooper, J. and Maharjan, B. Optimum rates of surface applied coal char decreased soil ammonia volatilization loss. Journal of Environmental Quality 2020, 1-12.

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Pandey, S., Bhatta, N., Paudel, P., Pariyar, R., Maskey, K., Khadka, J., Thapa, T., Rijal, B. and Panday, D. Improving fertilizer recommendations for Nepalese farmers with the help of soil-testing mobile van. Journal of Crop Improvement 2018, 32(1), 19-32.

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Conference proceedings

Panday, D. and Maharjan, B. Yield response and ammonia volatilization in variably irrigated corn in western Nebraska. In Proceedings of Great Plains Soil Fertility Conference 2018, 17, 162-168.

Panday, D. Honeybees, their pollination behavior and relation to livelihoods.  In Proceedings of International Conference on Biodiversity, Livelihood and Climate Change in the Himalayas. Editors: Jha, P.K., Shrestha, K.K., Chaudhary, R.P. and Shrestha, B.B. Central Department of Botany, Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur, Kathmandu. 2015, 197-208.

Panday, D. Adapting climate change in agriculture: the sustainable way in Nepalese context. In Hydro Nepal Special Issue: Conference Proceeding 2012, 91-94.

Book chapter

Panday, D., Ferguson, R.B. and Maharjan, B. Flue gas desulfurization gypsum as soil amendment. In Soil Amendments for Sustainability: Challenges and Perspectives. CRC Press, FL. 2018, 191-200.