Advice to authors

As with WordPress in general this site uses posts and pages to communicate details about the Projects and Research that is being undertaken with Persephone Habitat and Soil Management. As such all posts and pages will be written in a positive light with the express purpose of promoting good agricultural and environmental practices. Posts and pages will only be accepted for publication if they meet this objective and are further substantiated and supported by research.


Pages are there to provide static information about the site and the projects and research the site is involved in. Pages are organized in a structured taxonomy with the top parent page placed in the main menu bar. Child pages are attached to the parent page and are revealed as a drop down menu when the parent page is hovered over. Other more detailed information specific to a Child page is attached as a Linked Page .

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Personal Pages

Personal pages are Child pages of the About parent page and offer the greatest degree of freedom in terms of what is acceptable for publication. Within these pages Authors and Contributors can write about themselves. Ideally the page should be used to share ones educational, work and research history and interests but it is not limited to such. An Author or Contributor can share what ever they want about themselves: their private interests (hobbies and pastimes) political, theological or philosophical views can also be shared here. Authors can add Linked pages to expand upon the general information. For example if an author is a keen sportsman they can use Linked pages to share their achievements or affiliations to organizations and events they are associated with or have attended. An author who is a keen photographer or artist they can similarly upload pictures or artwork they have created whilst a bibliophile can link to and comment on books they have read. The principal purpose of the personal page and any Linked pages is to communicate to the reader the real you, to share your loves and interests and express your humanity.

Main Pages

The Contact, Newsletter and Privacy Policy pages are self explanatory. They do not currently have any Child or Linked pages and whilst this is unlikely to change, authors will eventually be provided with email accounts which will appear both on their personal pages and in the contact page.

The Project and Resources pages whilst static are likely to be the most dynamic pages on the site. Details of Projects that the site and its authors are involved in can be found here. Whilst static the pages will be updated to link to relevant posts and provide contact information to the project or other external organizations working in conjunction with the project. The Resources page is for listing relevant reports and publications and organizations that are not directly affiliated with the site but are complimentary to the aims of the site.


Posts are temporal in nature and are used to communicate about current news and project progress. Posts are meant to be timely and are listed in a reverse chronological order with the latest (newest content) listed first ( on top). If a Post is, and the majority of post will be, relevant to an existing project or research area then it will be linked to that projects/research page. Some posts won’t be linked to existing projects; they may be the beginning of a new project or a stand alone post but they will still conform to the general aims and standards of the site: Positive promotion of agricultural and environmental concepts substantiated and supported by scientific research.


There is a lot one can complain about but this site is not the place for such. In general any page or post should be written to promote good policy and practices in the agricultural and environmental disciplines. It is not necessary to strictly follow academic procedures and protocols but a page or a post should still be substantiated and supported by research and accepted scientific literature. All authors should thus aim for excellence, to make this site the premier hub to promote and encourage the very best practices and standards in agriculture and the environment.